Physics Suggestion

HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) Examination will be start soon in April, 2012. Most of the students are concerned about their preparation. Some of them have already started to look for suggestion for different subjects. Hopefully I able to manage the Suggestion of Physics both 1st and 2nd part.

physics suggestion


Download Link:

  1. 1st Paper Suggestion

  2. 2nd Paper Suggestion

  3. Math Question 1st Paper

  4. Math-Question 2nd Paper

  5. Math Formula of 1st Paper

  6. Math formula of 2nd Paper

Just have a PDF viewer like Foxit Reader on your PC to see those suggestions properly.

All In one!

I think it will help you lot.

The Suggestion is Given by:

Md. Shah Jamal
Asst. Professor (Physics)
BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka
Phone: 01670856105, 9125630


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