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A Visit To The Gala Event – Developer Conference

So, here I am. Waiting for my next HSC EXAM. Never thought, I would want to join an event in the meantime. However it all changed, when Arif Nezami vai, invited me to join the Gala Event – Award for App Developers event, which took place today. I couldn’t refuse his offer. Because it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Besides, there was a chance to meet the most accomplished and enthusiastic app developers across the country. Thus, ignoring my upcoming exam, went to the event today.

So it begins…

So, I registered by the link he gave me. And the event was today. I went there by 4:10. By this time, 60% seats were already occupied by attendants which was a good success.


The event commenced with the National Anthem. Then the host slowly started to cheer things up. Minister Palak gave his speech along with some other tech leaders.


  • Introduction (Speech & National Anthem)
  • Introductory Speeches by famous leaders (Minister Palak was one of them)
  • Conference (3 Technical Sessions)
  • Awards to the winners (8 categories for 16 developers including winner & runners up)
  • Bonus: Concert by Shunno
  • Complimentary snacks 😀

First Session

There were 3 technical sessions. One was presented by a Grameenphone employee and I liked it very much. Unfortunately forgot his name. Moreover, he showed the changing traditions from basic phones to Android and iOS devices. What youths need to target and how to target.

Second Session

The second session was how to market your apps. It was nice too. Got some useful tips which would help me marketing my very own cloud hosting company Boss Host BD. He explained nothing is too small. From the domain name, favicon, icon, social media campaigns – everything matters for the success.

Third Session

Sorry. Missed it :v


The event was successfully ended by the rocking performance of band Shunno. They rocked the stage with several songs including the world cup theme song Shoto Asha,

What Could Be Better

However, the management could be better. There could be individual ID cards while entering. And the security of the premises should be hardened. Though there weren’t any bad incidents, anyone could spoil things up as there were no proper checking before entering the premises. The here and there glitches wasn’t expected (the projection screen got disconnected while presentation), the guests need to rearrange their places couple of times etc.

Here’s a photo of me with the very famous Arif Nezami bae.

Performance by Shunno

Some snaps from the premises. Sorry for the bad quality. It was low light. My Moto G couldn’t capture better!


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